We are building a center
of excellence for every
facet of denim design
and production.

We are building
a center
of excellence for
every facet of
denim designand

About us

About us

SFI is a 360° design studio, a world-class denim laundry that sits at the center of a growing nearshoring solution provider. We provide denim brands and designers with the tools they need to tackle the unique challenges inherent to making jeans while utilizing the most sustainable methods and technologies. Our hub-and-spoke production system gives our customers the flexibility to customize sourcing according to their needs and budgets. With SFI, customers can take advantage of the speed-to-market benefit of our growing nearshoring network with production in L.A., Mexico, Guatemala and more. 

The SFI team includes expertise in 3D digital production creation, technical design, full-package production, product development, market research and trend forecasting, fabric development and sourcing, and garment construction and design. SFI customers also have access to our extensive wash archive, custom wash developments, brand incubation and targeted denim trend and market research. Sustainability and social responsibility are at the core of SFI, just as it is for our sourcing partner Artistic Milliners, which is committed to reducing the use of water, chemicals and energy. Our laundry offers the latest cutting-edge washes including sustainable finishing technologies such as lasers, e-flow ozone machines, foam dyeing and other sustainable wash and dye developments.

At SFI, our denim expertise is just the beginning.