Jul 26, 2023

Our first wash assortment of 2023 features our newest sustainable dyeing and washing innovations paired with Artistic Milliners’ tried and true fabrics to showcase the latest scope of looks that can be sustainably achieved. 

The five key wash innovations – Flash Fade, Brilliant Fade, HydroSave, HydroCool and Next Gen Dyes – focus on reducing or eliminating the use of harmful chemicals, water and energy. 

[Bonus points to us for versatility: our wash developments can be used in combination and alongside other wash technologies and treatments.] 

Reach out to learn more about our wash innovations, fabric developments and production models – hello@starfadesinternational.com.



Flash Fade is a water-free abrasion booster that is a true alternative to pumice stones that saves time, water and energy while lightening, abrading and enhancing denim highs and lows. A great solution for medium shades, Flash Fade can be combined with other processes, like our Brilliant Fade ozone booster, to reduce process time.

Flash Fade is a simple one-step application process that results in a beautiful, low-impact sustainable finish, achieving real vintage fades without enzymes, stones, potassium permanganate or bleach. 



Our energy- and water-efficient ozone booster uses a water-like chemical to reduce the impact on the environment and workers.

Brilliant Fade can create authentic vintage washes without potassium permanganate. But it’s not simply a PP substitute – our ozone booster is a revolutionary new product that is neither an oxidizing agent nor an acid. Plus, it does not need heat or moisture to react. Instead, Brilliant Fade is activated in a simple two-step process. First you apply Brilliant Fade, then activate the dry garment with the use of dry ozone.

Additionally, Brilliant Fade application can be done in multiple ways – by spraying locally to clean all abrasions or with a nebulization machine for a total application.

Finally, GOTS- and OEKO-TEX-certified and ZDHC level 3 compliant, Brilliant Fade can be applied locally or all over as a bleach alternative. 



Versatility meets radical water savings with our HydroSave finishing that uses a foam machine to achieve a wide range of finishes with water savings of up to 81 percent.

High-pressure injection replaces most of the water in the dye process with foam to bleach or dye garments, resulting in a reduction of up to 41 liters of water per garment compared to traditional washing processes. Because dyeing is done at room temperature, there is a substantial energy savings, as well. Add sustainably certified chemicals and the entire process is fully compliant with the sustainability requirements of Garmon’s GreenofChange platform.

HydroSave works with a wide variety of chemicals, including enzyme washes, bleaching, resins, 3D effects, softening and dyeing. With HydroSave, you can create even or variable fashion finishes all using the same machine. 



Lower-temperature dyeing with less water and no salt — that’s the beauty of our HydroCool Dyes, a pre-cationization product that is ZDHC level 3 and Bluesign certified. The dye process uses room temperature water resulting in stunning shades and significant energy savings. HydroCool is engineered to prepare garments for dyeing and can be used with our sustainable dischargeable reactive Clear Color dyes. 



A truly circular and bespoke solution, our Next Gen Dyes use a patented process that extracts pigment powder from recycled garments and manufacturing waste. These 100 percent recycled pigment dyes can be used on cotton, wool, nylon or any natural fiber blend. Color is applied as a suspension, allowing for easy filtration from the water, further lowering the environmental impact. 

Create your own brand-exclusive color palette and share a powerful sustainable story with your customers. Next Gen Dyes can be used in a wide variety of applications and use certified sustainable binders. 

Next Gen Dye
HydroSave Wash
HydroSave Dye
Brilliant Fade
Flash Fade
HydroCool Dye